Struma Motorway, LOT 2, Dupnitsa - Blagoevgrad Road Section (length 37.484 km)

Project implementation period: 2013 2015
Employer: Road Infrastructure Agency

Struma-2 Consortium comprising PATSTROY-92 AD, GBS Infrastructure Construction AD and the Italian company Impresa S.p.A. is the contractor to do the construction and assembly works on Lot 2 of Struma Motorway, Dupnitsa Blagoevgrad Road Section.

The project is implemented under the Operational Programme Transport 2007-2013, Priority axis II - Development of road infrastructure along the major national and Pan-European transport axes.

Under the project, PATSTROY-92 executed construction works according to schedule and built up the following structures:

  • Road junctions along Struma Motorway route crossing other roads: Boboshevo road junction and Blagoevgrad road junction
  • A two-tube tunnel - 355 m long
  • Five viaducts - respectively 952 m (the longest one on the section), 350 m, 300 m and two of them - each 90 m long
  • Five overpasses - respectively 76 m, three of them - each 72 m, and 54 m long
  • Eight bridges – each 10 m long
  • Five agricultural underpasses – each 8 m long
  • 5 million cub.m. of earth mass were excavated and over 2.3 million cub.m. of embankments were erected.
  • 275,000 tons of various asphalt mixtures were laid.
  • Adequate drainage of the motorway route is provided by building drains, concrete beds for lining drain ditches, reinforced-concrete culverts and drainage pipes in different diameters, and drainage collectors for surface and ground waters.
  • Reorganisation and reconstruction of public utility mains: displacement of power transmission lines, 20 kV overhead power lines, underground telecommunication conduits and optical cables. The former position of the existing gas pipelines was changed and water supply pipelines and irrigation channels were also displaced to safer locations, etc.
  • Installation of a road restraint system (over 84,000 m long) comprising an elastic protective fence and an animal safety net (over 42,000 sq.m).
  • Noise barriers were erected in the sections passing close to populated residential areas.
  • More than 4,500 reflective road signs and traffic control signboards were mounted.
  • 25,500 sq.m of road markings were laid, thus providing high levels of visibility under wet night conditions.

Total length of the motorway section: 37.484 km
Motorway width: A-29 m

LOT 2 was completed in 22 months. The total length of Struma Motorway from the village of Daskalovo to the Greek border is 150 km. It is part of the Orient/East-Med Corridor connecting the towns of Vidin and Kulata.